Friday, 9 July 2010

It's a jungle out there!

Here I am (photo above on the left) in the Jungle. Can you see how high these ferns are in the wood next to my home? They are higher even than Mum, which is why I stay ever so close by her just in case she gets lost.

Holes! I don't know if I ever dug these before in my previous home. I just can't remember. Regardless I have discovered today that a) I love them and b) I am better than even Barney lab and Wylye lab at digging them.

Can you see how suitably impressed Wylye lab is at my hole on the photo above right *grin*?

Aggie had a go at digging too. She should really do something about the dirt on her face afterwards though, ha ha!

Mum said I had hit a milestone today. I thought she meant about the 'holes' but no it is something to do with me sunbathing. Apparently it is the first time in the nearly two weeks since I've been here that I have left Mum's side and gone off by myself and in this case to do a bit of sunbathing outside the french doors in the kitchen. She says that is good and that I must be feeling more comfortable and confident in my new home. But I have always felt comfortable here. I LOVE my new home, so I really don't understand what she is saying. Plus the fact that I worry about leaving her as she is not as intelligent as a bull terrier and will surely get lost one of these days!

Discovery of the day: Wylye lab is incorrect, not all holes bite back...

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Oh woe is us :-(

Something strange has happened at home. We are all, apparently, ill!

It all started on Sunday when I thought I'd got something stuck in my throat and try as I might I couldn't shift it. Then my nose kept dribbling, which was not a nice look at all. Mum looked very concerned and spent a lot of time giving me soothing belly rubs and feeding me honey. She said I have something called Kennel Cough and am ill. To be honest with you, apart from the VERY annoying cough (particularly when I get excited) I feel just fine, however if getting loads more attention and nice things to eat when you're 'ill', then I am going to stay 'ill' forever :-)

It appears I have now given my 'illness' to Wylye lab too. He must be so grateful. Although Mum says he is a bit more of a 'special case' at the moment since he stupidly put his head down a badger hole yesterday and got savaged and swam too much at the weekend and so now has a floppy tail, and thus could well do without my cough too!

Meanwhile Aggie has hurt her paw on probably nothing more than a blade of grass (she is such a Diva!) and is lame. Poor Mum, she is so worried about us all. Brown Bert is still well though but that is surely because he doesn't do anything but lie on the sofa all day. Come to think of it Barney lab is also OK but then he is that sort of boringly sensible and morally upright fella.

So here we all are confined to home and the woods, away from our doggy friends and, *sob* the pub. But it's not all bad. Not when you think of all the treats we are getting and best of all I have been allowed to sleep on Mum and Dad's bed at night with Aggie as they are apparently fretting over me. Long may Kennel Cough reign, that's what I say :-)

Discovery of the day - Aggie has some really wierd sleeping positions!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Three in a bed...

Yesterday (Sunday) we spent half the day down at the Farm helping Mum with some jobs she had to do. Well when I say "we" I mean Aggie and I because although Brown Bert was there, he just slept by the car for most of the day. Aggie and I though kept Mum entertained by playing chase; who's got the biggest stick; and how many bit's of rubbish you can find and bring to Mum. It was hard work but a necessary task and Mum seemed particularly thrilled with the rotten old Deers foot that I found, so I think I won that game over Aggie :-)

I therefore couldn't understand when we got home why Brown Bert was so tired and felt the need for a long siesta with Aggie and I on the kitchen sofa? Mum says he gets tired just at the mention of the word "walkies", weird!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Saturday's rock!

I missed writing a blog yesterday. That's because yesterday turned out to be a most exciting and busy day.

The first thing of note was Wylye lab and I went to the Vets. I had to have my vaccinations done but I don't know what Wylye was there for, apparently Mum thought it was better not to mention it.....

Going to the vets is ace. Mum took a handful of treats for when we arrived, only I ate them all when she stopped at the Petrol Station. How was I to know that the Petrol Station wasn't the vets? It wasn't a disaster though as luckily Mum bought some bacon frazzle crisps for herself and said we'd just have to share them instead.

The second thing of note about yesterday is I have found 'doggy love'. Isn't it weird how when you first meet someone you often form an opinion of them only to quash that a few days later, or when you next meet. "Never judge a book by it's cover", that's what I say. That's also, funnily enough, what Mum says to people about Staffies.

Well, when I first met brown Bert, I'll be honest, I thought he was a bit stupid and a little dull. It seemed to me that his only use in life was as a very comfortable and large pillow, but it seems I have misjudged him. I have looked past the fuzz in his brain and the fuzz of his coat and have found a quiet and unassuming soul with hidden depths (and little talents). I hardly dare mention it but I 'think' he might like me a lot too. I am trying very hard not to follow him round too much as I don't want to rush this.... but boy, is he ever cuddly....

Today, I had a wonderful surprise, which is why Saturdays now officially 'rock'. Firstly Dad stays at home all day, which means double the tummy tickles. He also goes to the farm shop and brings back doggy supplies and, get this, PIGS EARS. They are AWESOME. Mum noted that both me and Aggie staffy are so much slower at eating these than the labs, and finds that quite puzzling. That is easy to answer. Labs = dustbins on legs, staffies = food connoisseurs :-)

We have of course been out twice already for walks. I almost beat Wylye lab at racing. One of these days I will get there! I noticed Mum hiding behind a tree as we all zoomed about. Very odd behaviour. She says it's because we don't always look where we are going. I can assure you I always have my eyes peeled on the dog in front, so don't know what she's on about!

Can you see this photo of me and Aggie from this mornings walk? Mum says I look very happy in it but then I always look happy these days :-)

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Dog tired!

Just a quick post from me tonight *yawn* as I am worn out!

Three walks today, yes not one, not two but THREE! Early morning we romped around the woods by the garden. I took on Wylye lab at sprinting and nearly won. Aggie staffy did some tree pruning and Barney lab showed me where all the badgers lived but Mum told us to leave them to sleep. Brown Bert stayed in bed. Mum says he is very lazy and doesn't like to get up much before 9am. I can't understand that, not when the early morning dew is full of the best smells ever.

After lunch we pottered over to the fields across from my home for a little walk. I chased Wylye and Barney out into the maize but got a bit lost and paniced. Thankfully Mum called me and I was so VERY pleased to see her. I didn't go far from her after that. I really wouldn't want to lose her again!

Early evening we went down to the farm, which is my most favourite place in the world. There are woods, fields, ponds, barns and sheds. Perfect for us nosey staffies.

But best of all, we went to the pub round the corner from the farm. I am much loved here. Everyone feeds me pork scratchings and tickles my tum. They say I am a cracking lad and that Mum is very lucky to have me.

I loved seeing Dad again when he came back from work. He bought us all tripe sticks but said he might not do that again as apparently my breath smells when I kiss him!

Am off now to curl up next to Bert. He is the biggest and most comfortable of the dogs to sleep on.

My Story

My name is Billy (that's a photo of me on the right before I found my new home). I was handed into my local Dog Pound by my previous owner who didn't want me anymore. That made me very sad as I love everyone and hope by doing so that they will love me too. Whilst there I heard whispers that I only had seven days before someone would come and put me to sleep forever! Although everyone was very nice to me there, I was very, very afraid.

Luck was on my side, a wonderful rescue organisation called 'Rescue Remedies' visited one day and said they had space for me at their kennels until I found a new home.

People at the rescue kennels were very kind to me and I tried my best to be good and lovable as I so wanted a new home and someone who I could love.

One day a lady visited and we went for a walk. She said lovely things about me and greeted me like I was a long lost friend. I was so happy. After our walk, instead of going back to the Kennels she opened up the boot of her car and I felt compelled to jump in. I couldn't believe it when she shut the boot with me in it!

We travelled a long distance. I noticed the scenary changed a lot from just houses and busy skys with aeroplanes to just green fields, birds and trees. We stopped by a thatched cottage in the middle of the countryside and she said "this is where we live".

I think I was only supposed to be staying for a shortwhile, 'Fostering' they call it but the lady said they (her, her husband and four other dogs) had fallen in love with me the minute they saw me and that I just had to stay with them forever. This made me so very happy.

So here I am, day 6 of my new life in the country and LOVING it:-). Yes, I am a Rescue(d) staffy and proud of it.