Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Oh woe is us :-(

Something strange has happened at home. We are all, apparently, ill!

It all started on Sunday when I thought I'd got something stuck in my throat and try as I might I couldn't shift it. Then my nose kept dribbling, which was not a nice look at all. Mum looked very concerned and spent a lot of time giving me soothing belly rubs and feeding me honey. She said I have something called Kennel Cough and am ill. To be honest with you, apart from the VERY annoying cough (particularly when I get excited) I feel just fine, however if getting loads more attention and nice things to eat when you're 'ill', then I am going to stay 'ill' forever :-)

It appears I have now given my 'illness' to Wylye lab too. He must be so grateful. Although Mum says he is a bit more of a 'special case' at the moment since he stupidly put his head down a badger hole yesterday and got savaged and swam too much at the weekend and so now has a floppy tail, and thus could well do without my cough too!

Meanwhile Aggie has hurt her paw on probably nothing more than a blade of grass (she is such a Diva!) and is lame. Poor Mum, she is so worried about us all. Brown Bert is still well though but that is surely because he doesn't do anything but lie on the sofa all day. Come to think of it Barney lab is also OK but then he is that sort of boringly sensible and morally upright fella.

So here we all are confined to home and the woods, away from our doggy friends and, *sob* the pub. But it's not all bad. Not when you think of all the treats we are getting and best of all I have been allowed to sleep on Mum and Dad's bed at night with Aggie as they are apparently fretting over me. Long may Kennel Cough reign, that's what I say :-)

Discovery of the day - Aggie has some really wierd sleeping positions!

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