Friday, 9 July 2010

It's a jungle out there!

Here I am (photo above on the left) in the Jungle. Can you see how high these ferns are in the wood next to my home? They are higher even than Mum, which is why I stay ever so close by her just in case she gets lost.

Holes! I don't know if I ever dug these before in my previous home. I just can't remember. Regardless I have discovered today that a) I love them and b) I am better than even Barney lab and Wylye lab at digging them.

Can you see how suitably impressed Wylye lab is at my hole on the photo above right *grin*?

Aggie had a go at digging too. She should really do something about the dirt on her face afterwards though, ha ha!

Mum said I had hit a milestone today. I thought she meant about the 'holes' but no it is something to do with me sunbathing. Apparently it is the first time in the nearly two weeks since I've been here that I have left Mum's side and gone off by myself and in this case to do a bit of sunbathing outside the french doors in the kitchen. She says that is good and that I must be feeling more comfortable and confident in my new home. But I have always felt comfortable here. I LOVE my new home, so I really don't understand what she is saying. Plus the fact that I worry about leaving her as she is not as intelligent as a bull terrier and will surely get lost one of these days!

Discovery of the day: Wylye lab is incorrect, not all holes bite back...

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  1. Was really lovely reading about Billy and how he was rescued. He really is a handsome looking boy! I've just rescued a staffie too! We've named him Chesney and just like Billy did you, won our hearts over!