Monday, 5 July 2010

Three in a bed...

Yesterday (Sunday) we spent half the day down at the Farm helping Mum with some jobs she had to do. Well when I say "we" I mean Aggie and I because although Brown Bert was there, he just slept by the car for most of the day. Aggie and I though kept Mum entertained by playing chase; who's got the biggest stick; and how many bit's of rubbish you can find and bring to Mum. It was hard work but a necessary task and Mum seemed particularly thrilled with the rotten old Deers foot that I found, so I think I won that game over Aggie :-)

I therefore couldn't understand when we got home why Brown Bert was so tired and felt the need for a long siesta with Aggie and I on the kitchen sofa? Mum says he gets tired just at the mention of the word "walkies", weird!

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