Thursday, 1 July 2010

Dog tired!

Just a quick post from me tonight *yawn* as I am worn out!

Three walks today, yes not one, not two but THREE! Early morning we romped around the woods by the garden. I took on Wylye lab at sprinting and nearly won. Aggie staffy did some tree pruning and Barney lab showed me where all the badgers lived but Mum told us to leave them to sleep. Brown Bert stayed in bed. Mum says he is very lazy and doesn't like to get up much before 9am. I can't understand that, not when the early morning dew is full of the best smells ever.

After lunch we pottered over to the fields across from my home for a little walk. I chased Wylye and Barney out into the maize but got a bit lost and paniced. Thankfully Mum called me and I was so VERY pleased to see her. I didn't go far from her after that. I really wouldn't want to lose her again!

Early evening we went down to the farm, which is my most favourite place in the world. There are woods, fields, ponds, barns and sheds. Perfect for us nosey staffies.

But best of all, we went to the pub round the corner from the farm. I am much loved here. Everyone feeds me pork scratchings and tickles my tum. They say I am a cracking lad and that Mum is very lucky to have me.

I loved seeing Dad again when he came back from work. He bought us all tripe sticks but said he might not do that again as apparently my breath smells when I kiss him!

Am off now to curl up next to Bert. He is the biggest and most comfortable of the dogs to sleep on.

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