Saturday, 3 July 2010

Saturday's rock!

I missed writing a blog yesterday. That's because yesterday turned out to be a most exciting and busy day.

The first thing of note was Wylye lab and I went to the Vets. I had to have my vaccinations done but I don't know what Wylye was there for, apparently Mum thought it was better not to mention it.....

Going to the vets is ace. Mum took a handful of treats for when we arrived, only I ate them all when she stopped at the Petrol Station. How was I to know that the Petrol Station wasn't the vets? It wasn't a disaster though as luckily Mum bought some bacon frazzle crisps for herself and said we'd just have to share them instead.

The second thing of note about yesterday is I have found 'doggy love'. Isn't it weird how when you first meet someone you often form an opinion of them only to quash that a few days later, or when you next meet. "Never judge a book by it's cover", that's what I say. That's also, funnily enough, what Mum says to people about Staffies.

Well, when I first met brown Bert, I'll be honest, I thought he was a bit stupid and a little dull. It seemed to me that his only use in life was as a very comfortable and large pillow, but it seems I have misjudged him. I have looked past the fuzz in his brain and the fuzz of his coat and have found a quiet and unassuming soul with hidden depths (and little talents). I hardly dare mention it but I 'think' he might like me a lot too. I am trying very hard not to follow him round too much as I don't want to rush this.... but boy, is he ever cuddly....

Today, I had a wonderful surprise, which is why Saturdays now officially 'rock'. Firstly Dad stays at home all day, which means double the tummy tickles. He also goes to the farm shop and brings back doggy supplies and, get this, PIGS EARS. They are AWESOME. Mum noted that both me and Aggie staffy are so much slower at eating these than the labs, and finds that quite puzzling. That is easy to answer. Labs = dustbins on legs, staffies = food connoisseurs :-)

We have of course been out twice already for walks. I almost beat Wylye lab at racing. One of these days I will get there! I noticed Mum hiding behind a tree as we all zoomed about. Very odd behaviour. She says it's because we don't always look where we are going. I can assure you I always have my eyes peeled on the dog in front, so don't know what she's on about!

Can you see this photo of me and Aggie from this mornings walk? Mum says I look very happy in it but then I always look happy these days :-)

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  1. Bert is most worthy of your love :-) He made an excellent pillow for me when I was being fostered by your family. We love Bert.