Thursday, 1 July 2010

My Story

My name is Billy (that's a photo of me on the right before I found my new home). I was handed into my local Dog Pound by my previous owner who didn't want me anymore. That made me very sad as I love everyone and hope by doing so that they will love me too. Whilst there I heard whispers that I only had seven days before someone would come and put me to sleep forever! Although everyone was very nice to me there, I was very, very afraid.

Luck was on my side, a wonderful rescue organisation called 'Rescue Remedies' visited one day and said they had space for me at their kennels until I found a new home.

People at the rescue kennels were very kind to me and I tried my best to be good and lovable as I so wanted a new home and someone who I could love.

One day a lady visited and we went for a walk. She said lovely things about me and greeted me like I was a long lost friend. I was so happy. After our walk, instead of going back to the Kennels she opened up the boot of her car and I felt compelled to jump in. I couldn't believe it when she shut the boot with me in it!

We travelled a long distance. I noticed the scenary changed a lot from just houses and busy skys with aeroplanes to just green fields, birds and trees. We stopped by a thatched cottage in the middle of the countryside and she said "this is where we live".

I think I was only supposed to be staying for a shortwhile, 'Fostering' they call it but the lady said they (her, her husband and four other dogs) had fallen in love with me the minute they saw me and that I just had to stay with them forever. This made me so very happy.

So here I am, day 6 of my new life in the country and LOVING it:-). Yes, I am a Rescue(d) staffy and proud of it.

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  1. Hello Billy, we are so glad you found such a wonderful new forever home :-) Your mum is about as good at "fostering" as mine!

    Hope to meet you soon ...